Long hours on an airplane without internet can be valuable now

Networking onboard
during the flight

first-of-its-kind mobile networking app in real clouds that turns your flight into a unique socialization and networking opportunity to create new business and contacts

  • You can create events or join existing ones

  • You can chat during and after the flight

  • The app works via Wi-Fi on the plane

Connect with people around you
to share ideas and travel experiences in real time,
making every flight a unique place
for socializing and cultural enrichment.
2 — Tell about yourself
Hobbies / Interests /
Unusual facts/Profession
3 — Start a chat
with fellow passengers you like
4 — After the flight
kontinue the chats you started in the sky
1 — Create an account
before the flight
5 — Next flight
you decide to be
online or offline
Benefits of the application
For advertisers
  • Attractive cost for advertising
  • More effective advertising based on data analytics
  • Middle and upper-middle income audience
For airlines
  • New passenger entertainment
  • Revenue from paid options and advertising
  • Collection of personal data for better offers

For Passengers

  • New business contacts
  • Social relationships
  • Friendly communication
During the flight:

The Jet Together app not only enhances in-flight entertainment for passengers but also provides personalized ads and services, improving service quality and boosting revenues.

Analyzing personal data like hobbies and profession helps accurately target specific groups with tailored offers, products, and services, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving airline profits through effective direct advertising and predictive analytics.

for airlines

Jet Together turns your flight into the start of your vacation, transforming it into an adventure.

Without internet access, use this unique setting to grow your business and social networks or simply enjoy engaging conversations with fellow travelers.

It's a chance to swap usual in-flight downtime for making new connections and enjoying meaningful interactions.


The cost of advertising in the app is attractive and competitive.

Utilizing personal data for analysis enables us to accurately identify suitable audience segments for advertisers, enhancing campaign personalization and effectiveness.

Another advantage of advertising in the Jet Together app is the audience of above average income level, as jet Together partners are top airlines.